Some Must Read Pros and Cons of Donating Blood

Donating blood is an Voluntary act, But it will save an Human life if everyone Participate Often.It is almost equal to the Charity,a part from this the Donation of blood has so many Medical advantages and a few disadvantages.

Let us Discuss some of them.................


1) The Feeling you got by Saving an life is really good to feel by heart.

2) The amount of iron Accumulated in our body will reduces due to the Blood Donation

3) Donating blood often will regulate the iron content in our body

4) Donating blood reduces Blood Cholesterol Levels and sheds Extra calories

5) After Donation of the blood , the Number of blood cells increases in our body


1) There are very few disadvantages, Sometimes very rarely Loss of Blood Volume Cases may occur in a
     few cases

2) We may occur Mild Dizziness for a Short While

3) Fainting is the Worst reaction to a Blood Donor that is rarely Occurs

Previously blood Donation is an Risky Procedure but due to the Modern Equipment it is an walk in the Park, So please feel free to donate your Blood and save the Life of a person.


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  1. Please check the title, it says, "Some Must Read Pros and Sons of Donating Blood" and probably should say Pros and Cons.


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