Some PROS and CONS of the Nuclear Power

Day by Day human energy needs are growing rapidly, we are looking for the best and reliable energy source for our needs, Nuclear power plants will satisfy our needs, and it is pollution free too

What is Nuclear Power

Like every power Generation It has several advantages and some Disadvantages , let us discuss some Pros and Cons of the Nuclear Power


1) In the Power Generation lower Green house Gases and Carbondioxide are Released into the
     Atmosphere, it is Pollution free

2) The operating cost of the Nuclear Power Plant is Relatively Low

3) It can Generate Power for large industries and the City needs, so it is better than Solar power which is
     restricted to medium power generation


1) The construction time for making an Nuclear plant is long

2) Due to the complexity in the Systems of Nuclear plant , High investment costs are needed

3) The Waste of the nuclear plants will lasts upto 200-500 Years

4) There are unknown risks involved in the Nuclear plant

5) Nuclear power plants are one of the targets for the terrorism, so high risk involved in this plant

6) Uranium is to be digged in the areas where tribes who do not support the Digging of mine from the Earth

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