Some unknown and interesting facts about Baba RamDev

The Baba ramdev was also known as the Swami Ramdev is one of the famous Yoga Guru in the india.He was popular in the rest of the world too.

Who is Baba Ramdev

Recently for the anti-corruption movement he had gained huge interest in the Public, we collected some of the facts of the Baba ramdev, Please read it.

1) He was an Village boy came from the Haryana, his inspirations are Bismil, and Subash Chnadra Bose.

2) His assets are worth Rs 15,000/- crore , he accepted this openly.

3) For Practicing self Discipline and Meditation he spent Several years in the caves of Himalaya

4) The World's  largest center for Ayurved and Yoga with research, training and treatment facilities in
     Haridwar was founded by the Baba Ramdev

5) He hates Western foods and he call the Soft Drinks as "Toilet Cleaners"

6) He is lean without a silver of Fat on the Body, he eats vegetables and fruits, and drink more fruit Juice

7) As a Simple Man in birth he Enlighted the whole Nation with his Healing Approach.


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