Guide on How to Access Your Facebook account with 3 Passwords

Everyone knows that Password is one for all online accounts, but Facebook was the amazing social networking site which gives an unique way of accessing their accounts with the three Passwords, It seems to be very interesting and innovative

It is an Surprise to so many of them except the Facebook users,Let us see the Three Forms of passwords that Facebook is allowing to access through your Account

1) Accessing with your Original Password- When you created an account with Facebook, you are forced to
create an password for logging in that account, it is your Original password.It is the Most People way for accessing their Facebook accounts.For e.g

Let us take your Original password as myHITLER 

2) The Facebook password with Case Toggled letters-In the above Example Password, We have "m' and "y" as Uppercase letters and others in the Lowercase letters.If you change the Uppercase to Lowercase letters,i mean if the Password is Toggled, the Default password will changes

Now your Password is MYhitler

You can Login with the above Toggled letters also, Facebook will happily allow you to access your account

3) Finally Changing the First letter into Capital Letter-In reference with the First Example Password,Even you change the first letter to Capital letter,Facebook will allows you to Login through your account

Now your Password is MyHITLER

Some Reasons for the Necessity of Three Passwords

  • It is not an bug or error, it is just enabled by Facebook for the Easy and enjoyable User Experience
  • Sometimes due to CAPSLOCK, the Password you shown was rejected, this will helps you to avoid such things
  • Normally in the Mobiles, The first letter you are going to type is Capital, so in order to overcome this Facebook will accept the Password with First Letter as Capital Letter

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