How to Disable USB ports On Computer

Well now a days People are Using Pen drives for their Data Exchange, Since it is easy.Some People will steal the Data from your Hard disk without your Access by the Use of USB ports,So is there any idea to Stop this,Yes we can Disable the Ports in the USB

Let us see how we Can Disable the USB ports in the Computer

1) First visit the My Computer in the Desktop, Just Right Click it we get the Several options

2) On that Click "Manage". you get an other dialog box

3) There Click the "Device Manager" in that Box

4) Now go to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB)

5) Then Click the USB Root hub

6) Please Select Disable from the hub

7) Now no more Pen drives and Modem will not work

8) Similarly By using the Above steps Whenever you want you can Enable the USB ports


  1. thanks so much for the post, it was very useful.:) can u also let us know how to install a particular drive which is deleted accidentally.

    Ex : My desktop has a hard disk of 1 Tb capacity,divided into 3 drives C, D and E.Accidentally i deleted E Drive which was 350 GB capacity and empty.I am not able to access that part of hard Disk now, i.e the E Drive.Kindly guide me.....


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