How to make an bootable Pendrive Without any Software

Hi friends, How are you i previously posted about how to use your Pendrive as RAM.Now i am going to explain the Procedure to make an Bootable Pendrive without using any software.

Before Using this,Keep in mind it is not working in the Windows XP.It is Working in Windows 7, 8 and Vista.

Let us see the Process of this in detailed manner

1) First insert the Pendrive you wish to boot in the computer, Then go to the "Run"( Press Windows+R) and Hit key "cmd" in the Run dialog box

2) The Pendrive must be Empty, Now Type "DISKPART" on the Command Prompt

3) We get an Separate Window, now write the "LIST DISK", Now please press the Enter

4) Now we get the all Storage Devices available in the computer
     Note-Please use an Pendrive having an capacity of 4GB or more than that

5) Then you want to select the Disk by watching the Size of the File, if your Pendrive do not have an name,For e.g It will list as Disk 0, Disk 1
Now Select the Disk and write your Command e.g SELECT DISK 1

6) Now do this things with concentration, Type this following commands one by one

7) Please do not change the order of commands, type as it is after the 6th step Type ASSIGN in the Command Prompt

8) Finally Press EXIT in the Command Prompt

9) After this procedure, insert your Windows 7 OS DVD into the DVD Writer

10) Now Copy the all Contents in the DVD

11) Please Paste those All Copied files into the Pendrive

12) Now the Pendrive is ready for Boot,Please check that all the Contents in the DVD are properly Copied in the Pendrive or Not.


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