Some Home Remedies to get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is an Scalp Disorder that will affect your hair, We often go for the costlier Shampoos and Some herbal products, but sometimes it also let you down, i am giving you the list of some superb and effective Home remedies that will eliminate the Dandruff

Let us see those remedies which will Works Effectively on your Head scalp........

1) Neem leaves are antiseptic which will fought against Head lice and other eruptions on the Scalp.The Paste of Neem Leaves are applied on the Head Scalp to treat against Dandruff.It works fine in treating the Dandruff

2) Eggs are an Very Good Conditioner for your Hair, Just Break two eggs and Apply it on your Head Scalp for the Removal of Dandruff.Eggs are Also used in the Treatment of falling hair

3) The Beetroot leaves and Henna is also used for the treatment of Dandruff, Just crush the Beetroot Leaves in the Henna Powder, Now make an Paste, Apply this Mixture to Get Rid of Dandruff.

4) The Snake Gourd juice is an Effective Remedy for your Dandruff, apply it in the Scalp for better results on getting rid of Dandruff

5) Apply the two tbsp of Apple juice with the Water in the Scalp, It will Eliminates dandruff Effectively.Leave this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes before Washing your hair

6) Apply the Onion Paste into your scalp, Dry it for an Hour Then Wash away this Mixture on Scalp.It is an Proven and Effective remedy for the Dandruff

7) Apply the Mixture of two oils Rosemary oil and Coconut Oil to get the Rid of Dandruff

8) Apply the Olive oil in the Head Scalp in Circular Motion before Bed, Next morning in the bath Rinse your Hair with an Mild Shampoo.It will Eliminate the Dandruff

9) Apply the Tea Tree oil to your Scalp Directly or add a few drops in your shampoo, It is an good Home remedy for the Dandruff

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