Some Interesting facts about Football

Football is an game where the People kicks the ball with the foot for scoring goals, it is an worldwide sport which had huge fan following.So we are interested to give some unusual and unknown facts about the football for you please keep reading and share this to all

Let us see all the Interesting facts of the Football ...........

1) Normally the Play Ground Size was Large, The Exact Dimensions for the Football Playing field was 100 Yards longer and 53 and 1/3 Yards wider

2) The Weight of the Football is normally in the range of the 14 and 15 Ounces

3) The Football Dimensions are 11 Inches long and the Total Distance around the Ball is 28 Inches

4) In the Football the Term P.A.T is Stands for the Point After Touchdown

5) The Shape of the First Football Used was the "Round"

6) Olympic Games was one of the Major Sporting events, The football takes place in this officially in the year 1908

7) In the year 1930 the First World Cup was taken place at Monte Video ( Uruguay )

8) "Jules Rimet Cup" was the Name of the Trophy Given for this  Championship

9) In 1857 at England the First Football Club of the World 'Sheffield Football Club' was Founded

10) The Match Between the Arsenal Vs Arsenal Reserves was the First Televised Football match

11) Brian Deane of Sheffield United Scored the First Goal In the Premier League History

12) In 2012 Summer Paralympics Brazil Won the Gold Metal

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