How to Check the IMEI number of Mobile is Valid or not

The Phones are an Part of the Family now a days,  Yeah where ever we go there is a necessity of mobile, The Mobile manufacturers are doing so many changes to attract their Customers, and lot of them are in Success path. But some people tends to cheaper as it saves them a lot of money, Before Buying the Mobile do not see only cost, see its IMEI validity too

The Mobiles which do not have Valid IMEI ( International Mobile Station Equipment Identity ) are Banned in the India, So the China mobile Manufacturers like Karbonn, Sigmatel are Providing the valid IMEI number.

Check your Mobile IMEI Validation

If you have any doubt in your Phone IMEI Number Validation, Do not Worry i am going to tell the Procedure to check the Mobile Phone IMEI number you are using is Valid or Not

Step 1 - First know your IMEI number, You can check it out From the Back panel after Opening the Battery or else Just Type *#06# from your Number and Note the IMEI number

Step 2 - You can check your IMEI validation by going to this link International Numbering plans and Enter your IMEI number in the Box given for you in the Website

Step 3 - After Entering your 15 Digit IMEI code, Click Analyse you will get the Manufacturer Information, Country of Approval Data Information

      The simple Answer for the Necessity of Checking your Mobile IMEI Validity, If your Mobile was Stolen, You can Ask the Service Provider to Ban the Phone which was stolen from you by giving the Valid IMEI number and its Proof.

Generally all mobiles are coming with Valid IMEI numbers, But It is always better to check whether it s your Money Worth or Not...........


  1. Nice info here. However, what if i buy a phone and confirm that the imei is coreect but as soon as i pay the money to the seller and take it to my phone carrier company and the seller reports his pho.e lost?

    Anything here to be available careful about?

    1. you can contact the service provider, nothing to be panic on this


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