How to Detect Fake Indian Currency Notes

India is an Developing country in the world with an Fast growth in every sector, but unfortunately it is getting low in the Money standards due to the Circulation of the Fake Currency all over.It is not tough to detect the Fake currency, please follow the steps given by me..................

Steps on Detecting Fake currency

Steps to be noted on the Detection of Fake currency

1) Here we are taking an example of Note Rs 500/- , Check the points given below by me when you get the note of Rs 500/-

  • The Note when held in the UV light ( Blue) , For Original Currency note Optical fibers in it are very Frequent , where as in Duplicate Optical fibers are less
  • Please check the Signature of the RBI Governor
  • Once go through the Note whether the Seal of the RBI is present or not
  • The RBI guarantee and Promise clause also must be present in original note
2) We can detect the fake or original by its color too, At some Angle the color of the Original Note changes from the Color green to blue

3) Check the Security thread in the Notes, the thread is 1.4 mm wide in carbon Black color which Appears in the Front side as an break and as a Full line in the Back side

4) When you see the Note in the UV light, the Original light will glow in yellow and Fake currency wont glow

5) Don't forget to see the WATERMARK in the note that is Gandhi Smiling face, in some Fake notes it may look like Gandhi is Non smiling or Absent

6) Check the RBI and amount denomination number at the front side of the Note next to the Gandhi Picture once

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