How to Enable registry Editor Disabled by Admin

Registry Keys are the Heart and Soul of the Computer as it will guides the computer as long as it works. Recently my friend bought an new Assembled PC where they had Disabled the Registry Keys for editing

Yes as it is very precious and it will disturb the System it is protected, we are in a spot of Bother on how to edit the Registry keys, then this article came into my eyesight

I am very glad to present this article to you as it is useful for you in all possible ways. Registry editor had all the settings for running the apps and for low level system components

Actually it is an Database that stores Option and configuration settings in the Microsoft Operating System. It has so many technical names like DWORD or BINARY and so many to tell

How to Enable the Registry

Let us come to the point of how to enable the Registry which was Disabled by the Admin

1) Go to the "notepad" in the Windows

2) Then copy the Below code in the notepad

3) now save the file with your desired name ( Something.reg) , i am using the something as a name, remember the .reg Extension is must in saving this file

4) Now go to this saved file and Double click it

5) Its over, you can edit the Registry keys which was previously disabled by the admin


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