How to Hide Files Behind an Image

So many Files in the system are important and people needs privacy in their goods, computer is not exception in that. People just hide their Favorite Files in many ways
  • Some use the Locking softwares and lock in them
  • Some hide it by creating a folder inside folder of multiple times
How to hide Files in .jpg

These are some what secure, but the method i am going to tell is just more than the above practices, We are going to hide the Files behind an image

  • When an user opens the image , he just sees the image but when we open in the Specified manner we can view the files which we hidden it

Let us see the Method of how to hide the File behind an image

1) You are using the Cmd, yeah i.e Command Prompt, So do not do mistake in it, it may affects system

2) Select the Suitable image to hide your files

3) Now Zip the files which you are going to hide and Save in .RAR Format, with the Help of Your Favorite Archiver

4) If you have good grip in command line , you can browse the files easily wherever in the System, But when you don't it is Difficult.So Please Keep this Both files ( Image, and .RAR file) in the Desktop

5) Go to Start  > Accessories > Command Prompt where the Command Prompt Window will Come

6) Now type the Following Command
cd desktop

  • Here the cd Stands for the Change in the Directory to Desktop 
7) After this Command enter this below command
Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalimage.jpg

  • Here the Imagename.jpg is the name of the image file which you are using for hiding your files in the system, please add the format of that file whether it is .jpg or .png or .jpeg
  • Here the Filename is the name of the file which you are hiding
  • Finally the Finalimage.jpg was your Final image where the files are going to hidden, keep the name whatever you like for this Finalimage, Do not forget to add the Image format

8) if you open this new created file, it just opens as an image, so the work is finished here.But when you want to locate the files, i am going to tell that too

How to View the Hidden Files in the Image

1) We are Using the Winrar to open that Files

2) Drag the image to the Winrar or simply Open it with Winrar

3) Finally Extract the files and you are done

Thanks for reading my article i hope you liked it


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