How to Keep all your Passwords with single Password

Hi friends, i am missing you a lot after a long time i entered the blog on Purpose of Giving some interesting and useful articles for you, Let us come to the Subject, Now a Days lot of Websites need registrations, and Social networking, Credentials everything needs Security Passwords

Sometimes it is Difficult to Remember all those Passwords, which leads to Frustration and it takes sometime to Recover your Id by giving your Correct Information

So i gone through Web and i got this Wonderful Password Manager, which will Keep your Passwords Safer  and Secure too. The Solution is the Keepass Password manager which will let you save all your Passwords in the USB device or even in an Ipod

Keep your Passwords in Single file


Keepass is an Opensource Password manager that will keep your Whole passwords in an One Database,
which was further Locked by you with your One Password.So it is easy to remember the One Password and it saves your Brain memory :P

Actually it was Encrypted by the Most and Secure Encryption Algorithms so do not fear about the security of your keepass Account

How to Use

1) Now open their official website Keepass and Download the File

2) Then Extract the keepass file in your Pendrive or your Desired Location

3) After that Run the Keepass.exe file , Click the New to Create an new Database for your Passwords or Making an Key file for your Database

4) Make sure that your Password is Strong that people cannot get it by guessing

5) Now Add your Entry i.e Your Account passwords

6) You can use the Simple Autotype Feature that will automatically fill your Username and Passowrd if the Database is open

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