Some cool and funny facts about the Brain

Brain is the Important internal organ in our human body, well if you are dull in the Knowledge about the Human Brain, you are here to boost it.

Know more facts about Human Brain

The some interesting and cool facts about Brain are......

1) The Brain weighs about 3 pounds

2) Brain can survive without oxygen for 4 to 6 minutes, before it starts to die

3) About 20% of the Oxygen and Blood is necessary from the Human Body to the Brain

4) There are more than 100 Billion neurons in the Brain

5) Cerebrum is the Largest part in the Brain

6) During the Night times Brain works more actively preferred to day times

7) The Brain has no Ability to feel the Pain, due to absence of Pain Receptors

8) About 80% of our brain is made up of Water

9) In the Electronic terms, the capacity of human Brain in memory is in between 3 or 1000 TB( Terabytes)

10) The studies on the Brain Imaging tells us that feelings in human beings are originating from the Brain



  1. These are wonderful facts about brain is essentially to be known by us. I’ve heard it brain weighs about 3 pounds.

    Thanks for sharing the great info :-)

  2. All Amazing and Interesting and fun facts I have shared so far...

  3. Great dude! That was intersting.


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