Some Foods that Prevent Heart Diseases

Heart Diseases are Growing day by day in this world because of Poor Food habits, Lack of Exercise and Mental Stress

I had Collected some of the foods that Prevent the Heart Diseases and Improve the Cardiovascular Health, So Please Read this Carefully and Note it


Beans are rich in the Fiber content, Potassium and Folate .It will lower the cholesterol and Potassium aids the Heart Muscle to Function Regularly and Smoothly.Folate will Break the Certain amino acids which are the causes of Heart Diseases, so Add the Beans to your salad or Eat them with your Dinner.Regular Consumption of Beans will give you an Healthy Heart


Vegetables are good for the Health, which are very powerful too.Dark vegetables contains Carotenoids and Flavonoids which will improve the Vascular Health.Eat the Veggies regularly and Protect your Heart

Dark Chocolate

Yeah, it sounds awkward but its true, Dark Chocolate had lot of Anti-Oxidants which Protects the Body from Forming the New Radicals, It leads to Prevention of Heart Attack. Eat a Small Square which is Enough for the Health, Excess of this will spoil the health because of the fat,calories and Caffeine that contains, so Eat the Small Square with your Dinner often for Protecting your Heart


Oatmeal contains the Minerals, Fiber and Vitamins, as we know fiber will reduce the Cholesterol, it keeps the Digestive system healthier and it prevents certain types of cancer.Eat it for the Breakfast and Protect your Heart from the Disease


Berries are the Sweet treat for us, it is an Powerful heart friendly foods.It Prevents Cell Damage because of the Polyphenols.The Anti-Oxidants will help the Body  to fight off the Diseases, so Keep the Berries in your Regular Diet and Stay Healthy

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