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Earlier we discussed about the Android facts , which i hope that lot of you enjoyed a lot.So Many People are using the Android mobiles only due to its unique and attractive features than other mobile devices at a Reasonable price.The main thing that attracted the Mobile customers are the Apps which was really in thousands for the users of Android.

So we are interested to give some Top rated Android Apps for free to you, i given about 6 apps here, Please download and enjoy

1) Facebook Messenger

Download Facebook messenger app for free

Facebook is regarding the king of Social networking, even for the kids also Facebook is an Mouth-watering word.So people are trying to get always in touch with the Facebook,Regarding their Needs we are giving the Facebook Messenger which has this unique features

  • Get Started Quick with your friends , just log in with single app
  • Instant chat and Receive Messages
  • Tell your Location that where you are
  • Group chat and Send voice messages
Please download this app from here

2) SMS , GPS , and CALL Tracker

Yes the name says it all, The app will track the users SMS and Call details Remotely for the Android Phones, It is Absolutely free of Cost, the features are
  • The Call logging includes Missed calls, Received Calls and Phone Number all details 
  • GPS tracking of their Location update for every 30 Minutes
  • SMS Tracking like Their inbox, Outbox and their Phone Numbers
  • It is very useful when your Mobile Phone was lost or Theft
  • Install the app on your mobile using an Email and Password,then log into the site Mobitrack

Note- It is illegal to Install this software on the Phone that you don't own it, So use the software on the Phone which you have all the Rights

You can Download this app from here

3) Gmail

What is Gmail

The Biggest Email Service Provider was Gmail, So all of them are in very much of need in the Mail Checking regularly, the Gmail app will satisfy all your Needs and it has some cool Features
  • One Touch Checking of Mails
  • Save the attachments 
  • Managing the Multiple Accounts

You can download this app from here

4) Dictionary

The Dictionary is very useful for the people who are willing to Speak the English Fluently, and it will be Helpful for the Phrases you need when in need for the check, Some features are given below

  • More than 2.5 Lakhs words, Phrases
  • More than 50,000 usage examples
  • The Intelligent Word entry will correct eh Spelling Mistakes as you type if any error was found
  • Search results which filters in categories like Noun, verb etc
  • Good Spelling Suggestions

Please download this app from here

5) Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper

The Wallpapers are very cool and attractive if it suits our phone, so i am presenting an Awesome Live wallpaper for your Android phone , the features are
  • Water Drop ripple Effect type with the Light particles in Floating
  • Tested on Lot of Devices, it works fine
If the wallpaper came to reset after reboot mode, change your live wallpaper location from phone to SD card, If the app does not work on your phone feel free to contact me

Please download this app from here

6) Battery Left Widget

The Battery is soul of the Phone, so there is a more care on the battery of the phones, for this the app called Battery Left widget is presented, it is an Notification app having Features
  • Estimated battery of the Phone
  • Top Status Bar icon shows the battery remaining
  • Temperature 
  • Clock time of the Battery that when it will die
.Please download this app from here



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