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The 3G is elaborated as third generation, it says it all. The mobile was evolved into many generations, now it came to 4G and 5G. The third generation is more faster and reliable than the Past two generation of mobile technology.

How to Activate Airtel 3G

We are always discussing about the Service providers, for the customers they are providing so many new offers in 3G to attract more and more users for their network.

The 3G services must be enabled by them if we want to use.I will tell how to activate 3G services for your mobile

Still in confusion about 3G and 4G, check this Differences between 1G 2G 3G 4G

Now come to the original problem, before you activate the service make sure that your area has 3G services

How to Activate 3G in Airtel

1) Use any two methods i am suggesting here for your activation of 3G services

2) First method is Call the number 12134 from your mobile and Activate High speed 3G

3) Second one is Send the message as 3G to 121, and an confirmation is needed for your mobile,  So reply by the 1 after receiving the Message from Airtel

4) No Rentals are charged, after 4 hours 3G settings will be delivered to your mobile

How to Activate 3G in Vodafone

1) To get the Vodafone services in your mobile, Send the SMS "ACT 3G " to 111 For Post Paid users and " ACT 3G " To 144 For Prepaid users

2) We will receive the Confirmation message from the Vodafone and normally With in 48 Hours the Services will be activated

How to Activate 3G in Tata Docomo

1) To activate 3G services in Docomo, send the message as "3Glife" to 53333

2) After that you receive the Confirmation message and follow the instructions in the message to activate your services

How to Activate 3G in BSNL

1) For BSNL send the message from your mobile with the make and model number of your mobile and send to the number 58355

2) Settings will be delivered to their phone as soon as you activated

How to Activate 3G in Aircel

1) To activate Send the SMS as " START 3G " to the number 121

2) The settings will be delivered to the phone after this message

I left some services , sorry for your inconvenience friends, i will soon update with those list, if you know please feel free to comment 

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