Top and Best Email Services for Free

Email is also known as Electronic Mail, simply it is sending some private messages form one computer to another computer. There is a lot of service providers as like we have in mobile, we listed some best email services that will help a lot for your needs.

Best email services

Let us check that top 6 services

1) Gmail services

  • Undoubtedly it is the leading email service provider by the search giant Google, it supports the POP ans IMAP access easily 
  • It offers the chat and it almost had unlimited storage , we can easily navigate our messages as it has simple interface.
  • It will provide their contextual ads into the messages you are going to read
  • Go to the official website of Gmail here

2) icloudmail services

  • The leading smartphone leader Apple is the proud owner of icloud. It has IMAP access and good storage for your files and email.
  • It is an elegant and precise web application
  • It lacks more advanced tools, no labels, poor way of organizing the emails, and do not have any support to access other email accounts
  • It lacks POP access in email
  • Go to the official website of icloud here

3) Yahoo mail services

  • Yahoo mail is the best email service provided by the yahoo, it works well on the mobile devices too, it provides social networking and instant messaging at finger tips
  • The best thing is it will catch the spam folders more effectively, so we can get clean messaging experience
  • Go to yahoo mail by clicking here

4) Outlook mail services

  • Outlook is an proud product of the windows creator Microsoft, it is an good mail service that has fast search options, with the use of POP it provides good interface, Unlimited storage
  • IMAP is not in the mix, it lacks in the mail organisation, still so many functions should be updated
  • Go to the Outlook services by clicking here

5) AIM mail services

  • It is maintaining by the AOL , it also provides Good spam protection, fun with unlimited storage and good Interface for your mail experience
  • It has IMAP and POP Access, it was overshadowed by the poor Productivity features
  • Go to the AIM mail services by clicking here

6) Zoho mail services

  • It has all the features like POP And IMAP, good instant messaging and ample storage, best interface 
  • It is well useful for the Professional users, and it has good mail organisation like identifying key messages, and sending some often used replies
  • Go to Zoho mail service by clicking here


  1. All email services are good. You can use mail services for personal messaging as well as for sending official messages and mails.

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