Best and Top Alternatives to Adsense

Adsense was the Publishing program from the google, as far as i know it is the leading money bank for bloggers and website owners due to its big heart. But it is so little when it was approving your application, there are lot of terms and regulations, sometimes it seems to be impossible to get adsense. I too faced this problem

What is google adsense

There are some alternatives that will compete with adsense, you can breahe easily now after reading this, but it takes a lot of hardwork and commitment to get success in your blog.


Chitika is the next best to adsense, since adbrite was completely shut down due to their economic disaster happened a year ago.Chitika is easy to apply, it will approve your application easily, far more easier than adsense. it gives you silver and gold level ads depending upon your blog traffic

The payment is made by wire (50$ Minimum) and paypal ( $10 Minimum)

Go to chitika official website by clicking here


It is an good alternative, which provides some excellent ad formats which do not irritates you readers and xml readers ads and pop under ads are supported. The Payouts are timely and excellent, which they do not ask your Tax number also for your money transfer

The Payment is made by wire/check ( 100$ minimum) and paypal ( $10 minimum)

Go to the Bidvertiser website by clicking here


It is an in-text advertising master, whenever you place the mouse cursor on any word in blog it will pop up the advertising links, so it is some what irritant to the readers.Lot of New features are added in the infolinks, latest one was search widget add on. It is easy to sign up and good pay outs

The payment is made by check ( $400 minimum) or paypal ( $50 Minimum)

Go to the infolinks website by clicking here


It is the good publisher solution like infolinks,  it is good for small websites. It has lot of ad formats which will give you lot of opportunities on money making. It has good and decent CPR, CPA and CPC which is more good on money making.

The payment is made by Check or paypal, both can be pay out at minimum of $10

Go to clicksor website by clicking here


Kontera resembles infolinks in their ad formats, it is more tough to get approved by kontera. It do not have any Difficulty in serving ads, you can install by single code. The Paypout is only for paypal, not by check

The Minimum payment for payout is $50

Go to kontera website by clicking here



  1. If you are looking for a solid contextual ad network, I recommend you take a look at Clicksor.

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