Best Google Reader Alternatives - Feedly, Digg reader, Netvibes

Yes, Google reader is going away, it is painful for so many people. To be frank we can get alternatives for Google Reader, but never an Replacement of Google Reader

The Date for Shutting down of Google Reader was on July 1st 2013, it seems to be it is not so far from today, i had collected some Alternatives that competes with Google Reader and will Ease your Pain.

1) Feedly

What is Google reader

Feedly can be an real boon if you used properly, It will support all platforms, recently it introduced the Web reader in addition to the Android and iOS apps. It is designed well and it looks like an Newspaper which Google reader readers must not wants. Anyway it looks good when you need your Needs badly

2) Diggreader

Digg's reader is also an good alternative, it came to the market as an rookie,  now it gathers some hope of beating some big companies. The Digg's reader has some social integrity flavor and clean design which differs from all.

This includes built in Instapaper button, Thumbs up and Thumbs down Digg Integration, the inclusion of these social media has given a Slight edge over than Feedly for Digg Reader

3) Netvibes

It is an Powerful RSS feed reader, lot of Customisation options are there but there is no Mobile Support. You will get really tired by looking always in the Computer, it also has some Settings that will enable you to create some specific feeds and Widgets for your specific needs

4) NewsBlur

It replicates the Google reader, you can try them once when you visit their site, but the free accounts will get only 64 feeds which is not good. If you really need some real feed experience, we want to spend some Bucks on it, Yearly Subscription amount is only $12

5) AOL Reader

It is simple, elegant and stylish which looks like Google Reader,  and had all the options of viewing in mobile. AOL developed Android and iOS apps for your mobile comfort and it is worth to have a try as a alternative for Google Reader

6) Flipboard

It is simple heavy image feeder, if you are subscribed large image feeds it gives you an good magazine type layout in your Android and iOS phones which still not in Computers, It is an good alterantive to try for the Google Reader

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