How to know your pf balance online

The pf can be elaborated as Provident Fund, Lot of options is there on how to check pf balance online in India, Any employee from government or private firm can access their account details.

how to know pf balance

The account details are updated regularly, let us learn how to do this.

First go to the official website , it is an web portal under government of India for the department of Labour and Ministry

These are the steps you need to do for getting your pf balance

1) Go to

2) After this, select your PF Office state e.g ( Andhra Pradesh )

EPF state selection

3) The page will display the EPFO selected offices list, click on your office name in the list
How to select office

4) The Member Balance Information will be displayed after you have selected the office above

How to know account number

5) In the above screen shown, you want to enter the PF Details, the First two are auto filled and remaining must be filled by us

6) The third text box refers to the Establishment code and fourth text box to Extension and fifth to your account number

7) Suppose if your pf number is AP/456892/555 then your Establishment code is 456892 and the account number is 555

8) If you do not have any establishment number, you can leave that text space blank

9) Enter your name correctly according to the EPF slip,  and enter your Mobile number

10) Check the Agree button and finally submit, you will shortly receive the message from the EPFO in minutes

11) The message will be EPF Balance in A/c No. <Your Account Number> is EE Amt : Rs XXXX, ER Amount : Rs. YYYY as on <last PF Date> (Accounts updated upto 31-03-<year>) in this format

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  1. I didn't get any message after submitting my pf account number and name properly. Can you please help me .

    Message shown in the pf site after submitting my pf account number and details:

    STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/0045876/000/0166318

    **Data updated till 12-06-2013 14:50:16


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