Best android phones below 5000

The Android biggest feature is its open source coding, lot of them enjoy its privileges, now the turn of lower middle class people. Whatever the company produces, their ultimate motive is not only earning some bucks, to reach every people in the world.

The best mobile manufacturers had obeyed this rule and introduced some lower end cheap smart phones with android in the market which was below Rs 5000/-. It is very affordable and so many people have the chance to buy.

I had listed some phones which is very well meets the needs of your expectations and price, keep an close eye on this list

1) Karbonn A1 ( Price 3600/- )

Karbonn A1 is the best android smart phone below 5000/-, you can use it very wisely according to your needs.
Best cheap android mobiles

Points to highlight

  • It has better screen size of 3.5 inches and runs on android 2.3 Ginger bread
  • Best part is it runs on 1Ghz Processor, even some high end phones also runs on  just 800Mhz, so we can call it as an Biggest asset
  • It is equipped with 3MP camera with auto focus which gives you to take some beautiful photos around the world
  • It has all connectivity options like WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth
  • The memory can be Expanded upto 32GB and Battery is 1100mAh which is decent enough for your lower end smart phone
Fingers to point
  • Poor built in design, lacks an smartphone structure
  • Worst display in sunlight 

2) Spice MI 720 ( Price 3499/- )

Before speaking about this phone an interesting info for you, spice is the first company to deliver an Dual-Sim Android smartphones in India. The MI 720 is an good lower end phone

Best cheap mobiles in india
Points to highlight
  • It has screen size of 2.8 inches which fits into your pocket with ease
  • It is equipped with the 2MP camera and runs on Android 2.2 froyo
  • It is powered by 416 MhZ Processor and 1000 mAh battery which is better 
  • It has all connectivity options like 3G, WiFi, and bluetooth
Fingers to point
  • Very Poor multitasking due to Less Processor
  • Camera is so worse and Battery backup is also not good

3) Lemon P9 ( Price 3399/- )

Lemon is the less known brand, but it offers good service to the people. The lower end phones are well backup by the lower end manufacturers only

lemon smart phones in india

Points to Highlight
  • It has good screen of 3.5 Inches capacitive with 320*480 pixels
  • Equipped with the 2MP camera and good Multimedia options
  • The 1300 mAh is an smart enough battery which gives you long enough time to play with your gadget
  • Memory can be Expanded upto 32 GB
Fingers to point
  • Very poor connectivity options, you can browse the wen through GPRS only
  • Less RAM and poor Processor

4) Lava iris 351 ( Price 3899/- )

Lava has best smart phones in middle range market like xolo, it has tested his luck in the lower end also by this.

Lava smart phones

Points to Highlight
  • It is an good phone with the 3.5 Inches capacitive touch screen
  • Equipped with the 1GhZ Processor which is so good for this level phone and an 256MB RAM is  supportive for decent multitasking
  • It has 2MP Camera and it runs on android 2.3 Ginger bread
  • The battery backup is good
Fingers to point
  • It Lacks 3G Connectivity, we want to browse through GPRS/EDGE only
  • Internal memory is too low, it is of 110MB

5) Richtel A1 ( Price 2999/- )

It was an working horse in the terms of the power usage, it provides excellent display and performance

Points to highlight
  • It is similar to some phones i mentioned above, it is of 3.2 Inches Screen Size
  • Runs on Android 2.3 ginger bread and equipped with the 2MP Camera for decent snap shots
  • It gives you all possible connectivity options
  • The amazing bit is it runs on 2200mAh Battery which gives you an ample time for playing with your gadget
Fingers to point
  • No 3G, which is so disappointing
  • Lack of good camera also hurt us a lot

If you know other than these please feel free to post in my comments, i too update the list with yours


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