5 Killer Ways to Drive more Traffic to your Blog

Thinking about how to get more Traffic in Blog ? there are several ways to get more traffic, out of those some best ways are listed here.

Blogger is one of the Biggest platform to create your Blog and make an Strong online Presence, if we do it perfectly, blogs can work better than websites.

SEO for blogs

Top 5 Ways to Drive Quality traffic to your Blog

1) Social media and Social Bookmarking

The Social Media plays an key role in the Blog traffic, it makes your blog to index faster in Google and other Search engines and enough exposure to the Webmasters. Try to Share your Blog posts in Facebook, twitter and Stumbleupon frequently, but do not make it spammy.

Social Bookmarking also plays an key role , try to bookmark your sites in popular sites like reddit.

2) Guest posting and Blog Commenting

Guest posting is the Best SEO Method to get good rankings in webmasters, contact the similar niche popular bloggers and submit an Guest post, if they accept your post it also drives some good traffic.

Blog Commenting is not best way but still cool enough to get your blog notified, always try to comment on dofollow blogs, commenting on 10 dofollow blogs is better than 100 nofollow blogs

3) Proper SEO and Link Exchanges

SEO is Optimising the Blog for Search engine, if you follow proper SEO techniques you can easily get organic traffic

Link exchanges are leaving your link to other blogger and linking their blog link in your's, it is similar to give and take type

4) Good Content and Proper Navigation

If you write unique content , people tends to read more times and they wish to come to your blog whenever it is updated

Proper Navigation is designing your site such that all the contents are properly listed and easy to read

5) Good template and  Good Title

The template must be selected at the term of their speed, if the blog does not load faster, visitors will get frustrated and leaves your blog

The good title must be selected to get proper attention from the readers and it should tell about your blog , select according to your niche and make the title short and sweet

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