Best Android tablets under 15000 in market

The Android tablets coming under 15000 price range is smart enough to compete with the Smart phones which belongs to the same android family.

It is difficult to choose the best tablet in the market, we taken that responsibility and listed some top and best tablets under 1500 in market. Have a check and pick your favorite

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab-2 311

Top tablets under 15000

Samsung is one of the hot picks for you, when you choose to buy your favorite electronic goods, here the galaxy tab-2 311 is worth enough to be in first of this list


  • The Display is big, it is about 7 inch and resolution of 1024x600
  • The Phone supports 720P HD Video recording, in Rear the Camera is 3 MP and in front it was just 0.3 MP Camera which is enough for video chatting
  • It was powered by 1GhZ Dual core Processor and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly bean Version
  • The phone on board memory was 16GB, we can expand upto 32 GB
  • The Price of the mobile is  Rs 12,500/- 

Fingers to point on
  • It has no Sim Functionality, it works only on WiFi

2) iBerry core X2

Hot tablet Deals in india

The Auxus core X2 was an perfect deal for you, when you look at the features it has and the functions it do.

  • The display was similar to Galaxy tab, about 7 inches and 1280x800 pixel resolution
  • The Processor is made upon ARM Cortex A9 Architecture, it was powered by whooping 1.6 GhZ Processor with inclusion of Mali 400 GPU which was used on Higher end Smart phones
  • It supports Sim Functioanlity and it is 3G Tablet
  • The Front camera is 0.3 MP and Rear is 2 MP, good enough to capture VGA Videos
  • The Price of tablet is Rs 10,500/- 

Fingers to point in
  • No Ear piece functionality, we can get Bluetooth hands free kit by this phone for free, it may solve your problem.

3) Huawei MediaPad 7

Review on Mediapad7

The Huawei is decent enough to give a try on it, let us check the Mediapad 7 clearly

  • The Screen was 7 inches with LCD Capacitive touch
  • The Sim Functionality was there, it supports 3G
  • It is powered by 1.2 GhZ Processor, and equipped with 1GB RAM
  • The Rear camera is 3 MP and Front camera is VGA, it supports 4GB onboard memory
  • The phone runs on android Ice Cream Sandwich and offers 200 hours stand by time
  • The Price of mobile is Rs 13,700/-
Fingers to point on
  • Older android version , where the other phones are following the jelly Bean

4) Asus FonePad

Best tablets under 15000

The Asus FonePad is excellent in its price and its features when compared to other mobiles


  • The Size of screen is 7 inches and 800x1280 Pixels Resolution
  • The FonePad is powered by the 1.2 GhZ Processor and 1 GB RAM
  • The Phone is equipped with the 3.2 MP Rear camera and 1.2 MP Front Camera
  • The Phone Supports 3G and voice calling, Sim Functionality
  • Onboard memory was 8GB and it can be Expanded 
  • GPS and Bluetooth are also included
  • The Price of the mobile was Rs 15,999/-
Fingers to point on
  • The Memory 8GB was less when compared to similar type of phones

5) Nexus 7

Best tablets in india

Nexus 7 was good in the performance, and multitasking. 

  • The phone features 7 inches and 800x1280 Pixels Resolution
  • It was powered by android 4.2.2 and 1.2 GhZ Quadcore Processor
  • It Supports 1GB Onboard RAM and features 1.2 MP Front facing Camera
  • It includes Gorilla Glass Display, NFC, GPS
  • The Price of the mobile was Rs 15,999/-
Fingers to point on
  • No 3G and Poor Camera
  • The phone supports only 16 GB Onboard memory, it cannot be Expanded 

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  2. Android tablets are very attractive,also Mobile Prices
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  5. For me, the Galaxy 7 tab is great and pairs effectively with the samsung galaxy ace. Brilliant screen, usability and light enough to carry everywhere.

  6. This tab shows great promise. Bearing in mind that the launch of all the Swipe Tab released proved to be a great success, this one too will not disappoint. Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

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  9. These are really fantastic tablets and I am also looking to buy best tablet in UK if you have any deal , then please share as early as possible.


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