Best Facebook Status updates all time collection

The Facebook Status is for expressing your emotions and feelings what we cannot speak directly, remember we are living in the social world, i had given some Facebook Status to impress the people behind you and show your feelings to the people whom we cannot approach directly

Rare Collection of Facebook status updates

1) I am stupid to love you again but not an idiot to trust you aGain

2) Anyone make you smile or cry, but it takes someone special to make you smile when you already have tears in your eyes

3) Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person.!!

4) Reality of life!
 Everyone is good to you
 Till you expect nothing from them
 You are too good to them
 Only till you fullfill their

5) Brilliant words from Hitler...

"The Amount of Money that's in your Bank at the time of Death, is the Extra Work U did which wasn't Necessary"

So Enjoy Life..

6) There are only two reasons why people can hurt you. </3

1. You really care about them.
2. They don't really care about you.

7) I can always take care of
But still I want to meet the
who can prove me that I

8)  Do you know what's PAIN?
-- Seeing your Loved One with Someone else...

 Want to know what's LOVE?
-- Look into the Eyes of Your Loved One after a Tight Hug...
Want to know what's WORSE?
-- Imagine your Loved One leaving YOu forever...

Want to know how Fertile Life is?
-- Imagine a Life without your Loved One...

Want to know what's Irritating?
-- To see someone Irritating your Love...

Want to know what's Hurting?
-- When you realize you Hurt Your Loved One with your Behaviour...

Want To Know Who YOU LOVE..?
-- Its That Person Whom YOU Are THINKING about while Reading this....

Thats LOVE...

9) When the truth is known , but a lie is told , a heart gets broken.

10) Just because a person smiles/acts Funny all the
time, doesn't mean their life is

11) Painful Feelings :

-Flashing Ur Smile To Some1 U Dont Want To See !

-Knowing Dat U Hve Been Used By some1 U Truly Love !

-Trying To Hide Ur Tears, Wen Dey Voluntarily Fall Frm Ur Eyes !

-Learning To Trust, After U've Been Betrayed !

-Convincing Urself Dat U R Not In Luv, Wen U Knw Dat U Are !

-Making Urself Believe U Can Live Widout Some1, Widout Whom Its Impossible.....!!!!

12) Life is so damn unpredictable-

One moment u think all dreams are coming true
the very next second u find that u were actually dreaming!!

13) Life isn't qualified by d branded clothes u wear
Or d fluency of english U speak.
It's measured by d number of faces
who smile when they hear your name :)

14) People only treat you one way, thats the way you allow them

15) A small girl looks at her
brother's girlfriend and asks innocently ...
"Everyday u come to meet my brother, Don't u have your own

16) Teacher:
Why are you sleeping in the
Pappu: Your voice is so sweet... that's Why
i am getting sleep..!!
Teacher: Then Why other people are not
sleeping..??? .
Pappu: They aren't listening to you
Mam..!!! :P

17) DAD: What can you do for my daughter?

BF: I`d die for her!

DAD: I don`t like you.

BF: Why?

DAD: I`m looking for someone who would live for her,

not someone who would just die and leave her alone. ♥ ♥ ♥

18) Being nice to someone you hate doesn't mean you're fake. It means you're mature enough to tolerate your hate towards them.

19) Honesty is an expensive gift, Don't expect to get it from a cheap people .

20) Single doesn't always mean lonely and Relationship doesn't always mean happy

21) Great line....
"Beauty does not create Love,
But Love creates beauty!"

"Break everything for a heart. But Never break a heart for Anything!".

22) Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change.

23) Trust the one who can see these three things in you :
Sorrow behind your smile..
Love behind your anger..
Reason behind your silence..♥♥

24) Why A Daughter Loves Her Father More??


She Knows He Is The Only Men Who Can Never Hurt Her .....♥

25) Don't Take Life too Seriously.

Always Find Time to Smile.

Smile don't add Years to Ur Life But add More LIFE to Ur Years.

Keep Smilng Frndz...


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