How to increase/get more likes on Facebook Fan Page

The Secret of getting more likes on Facebook Fan page is revealed here, well in a day some millions of people are logging in and out of Facebook, it is difficult to get the attention of all people at a time

Before the trick of getting maximum likes, try to concentrate on your Fan page niche. It is important to select a useful and informative page, in previous years Facebook has no restrictions in fan pages but now it reduced the visibility of the Facebook fan page Posts to her fans up to 5-7%.

Likes on Facebook

It is really an huge task to improve an page independently at present scenario,  well take down some tips to increase fan page likes without any pressure

1) Selection of proper niche for Fan page

The Niche must attract the people, and  Facebook loves to engage the audience so better try to use any Informative, Entertainment and Health based niche. The Posts must be useful so that you can get good amount of shares and likes which will improve overall performance of Fan page

Check this informative based niche fan page General Knowledge for all

2) Share your page on other fan pages

This is self advertising, simply sharing the Post which worked very well in your fan page in other reputed fan page. This is useful if you are beginner, it gives enough exposure to your fan page and makes it to grow bigger and bigger

3) Target the audience 

Targeting the right audience is important, if your fan page is about Technology, you should catch people who love technology not who hates it

4) Invite the friends

Invite your all friends to like your fan page, and ask them to invite their friends also, it gives you some useful likes to your fan page in the beginning

5) Use Social Media 

This sounds different, Using social media to develop a big social media will works ? yes it will, use other big media sites like Twitter,Pinterest,Stumbleupon to get attention for your fan page at will

6) Update Often

The Posts must be updated often because in this ocean of fan pages, every minute news feed will change drastically, so more often you update more the chance of your fans will see your post.

7) Schedule the posts

Scheduling is best way if you are not having more time on Facebook,  it saves your time, at the bottom of the post we have options like targeting, schedule, if you can use it wisely it helps a lot to get some likes

8) Be patient

Be patient on getting Facebook likes because nothing will rise suddenly even he sun in the world, be focused and try to attract audience, you will surely get more likes on your fan page

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