How to apply for Voter card online - Application Registration Verification Form

Why should we need to apply for Voter card online , We know the services by offline will kills our valuable time, by the offline process it takes 9 Months to get your Voter card. So Everyone suggest to go for Online method.

The Voter Card is an Identity cum Eligibility Card for you to cast vote on the Elections, the simple advantages of applying online was
  • Saves the Time, it takes only one month to get your Voter Card
  • Using your Phone, you can track your Voter card Status
  • Modification is easy and Applying Process is Error Free

How to apply voter card


1) First Login into the Official Website of them by clicking here

2) After Navigating to the website, hover the mouse to online voter registration and click on Form 6

3) By clicking through this form, We get an Window to enter your Mobile Number as i shown in the image below

4) After Filling your Mobile Number, Name, Email ID, an Unique Login Number and Password will be allotted to you

5) Now Login with this Unique Login Number and Password and click on Form 6 Online

6) Fill the Form Completely,and Attach a Color Size Photograph ( An example form is shown below, not every form looks like this below, it varies for State to State )

Download Voter card form

7) Check whether your details was correct or wrong, if it is all set, Proceed and Click Submit button

Now the task of applying was done, now comes the VERIFICATION Process, Just go to your Voter Facilitation centers and submit your Address proof or Identity Proof to them, to confirm your Voter card in India

To know the Voter Facilitation centers browse through their official website, they had given list of them which are accepting Web based applications and finish the work completely

Some Important points to Note :
  • The Minimum age Limit to Vote and apply for Voter card is 18
  • There are Lot of bogus sites in the name of official Electoral Commission websites, Beware of them and try to go for Original
  • If you do not want to try this Process, Go to your Nearest Meeseva Center and Give your Details, they will do all the task and finish your work, you should pay few bucks for this to them



  1. if the applicant is staying in some other state what no we need provide in application form

  2. Not working man It shows 'error adding record' at time of registration.


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