How to Download Torrents using Internet Download Manager

I always prefer to download big games from the Torrent and like to play on my computer, since torrent needs seeds for maximum download speed, we are unsure that every file will get good download speed, everyone knows about how to get maximum speed by using Internet Download Manager, it also can be used to download torrents

Remember they do not have any inbuilt support for downloading torrent files, you need the help of some third party websites for converting them into direct download links, now enjoy the speed for your torrents

Top 5 websites to Download torrents using Internet Download Manager

1) ( Link )

  • First go to ZbigZ and Create an Account with them
  • Go to their Home page, Click on GO Button and a pop up window will appears
  • 'Click on Free button and now click on Zip File
  • Now click on Start Download and download will start and file will be downloaded
2) ( Link )
  • Go to Filestream and sign up with them
  • Click on Download torrent and browse the torrent or paste in address bar
  • After that Click Download icon and Copy the link address and paste in Internet Download Manager
  • Your file will start download immediately
3) ( Link )
  • You can sign up with any social networking site and start downloading
  • Browse the torrent file and send to your Dropbox
  • Now download from the Dropbox , you can see the app called boxopus in app folder on them
4) ( Link )
  • Signup with your social networking site and upload torrent file
  • Follow instructions and Download the file
5) ( Link )
  • No need to sign up , just paste the links of your torrent files
  • Follow the instructions and download the file

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