How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop

Games are developing day by day with huge graphics and frame rates, but Computers are not getting enough hardware or software support to play those big games, some may lack graphic cards, some may lack lesser hardware, and the good reason is we cannot afford PS series easily, they cost too much and in addition to this we need some good Television and Game CD's that can suck your blood

There is a Simple Solution to PS2 Games on PC which saves some money, but they lack higher frame rates and high graphics, to play PS Games you need to install the Software called PCSX2, this is a free emulator which can be installed on Linux, Windows

How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop

1) Download the Emulator here and install in your Computer 

2) You can Skip the Directx Setup, it takes time to Download from the Internet and we can download them manually

3) Now Download the BIOS for the Emulator by Clicking here

4) Go to the Documents and change the Folder name PCSX2 to PCSX0.4 ( Name is not Specified )

5) Now Create a New Folder called PCSX2 and Move the BIOS files to this Folder
6) Move the PCSX2 Folder to the PCSX0.4 

Now Open the Program and you get the first configuration window, set the settings like this

  • GS-Gsdx 4600
  • PAD(configuration of keyboard or joystick)-lilypad svn
  • SPU2(sound)-spu2-x r4600m
  • CDVD(How you gonna run the game)-Linuz iso cdvd
  • USB-usb null driver 0.7.0
  • FW-fwnull driver 0.7.0
  • DEV9-dev9 null driver 0.5.0
This settings is dependent on games you are going to play

7) Select the BIOS Path and click on Finish

8) Rest are just settings that you need to adjust according to your game needs


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