How to Earn Money by Social Network : TSU

We already discussed about earning money by downloading the apps, but it just fill your pockets a little, how about earning some extra income for your living, yes we can, Facebook is an biggest social networking site which was enjoying the fruits that had reaped and sowed by users, the total revenue which was collected by them was whooping, the irony is still we are the reason for the revenue.

Users will post their content and share among themselves,advertisers will come in floods to get their attention, in between Facebook will cash this chance, but they do not give a single penny for you even you are working hard for them

TSU was the new social networking site which will pay their 90% of their ad revenue to the users since you are the one who deserves it, with s work home friends we can earn decent income, when you work hard and get more friends and some whooping income for you

Youtube is the similar platform but it needs fresh and original vidoes, where as TSU is bit like Facebook and it is easy to create the posts and add friends, share the content and chat with friends

See i worked hard for two years and crossed my fan page likes to 1.5 Million, even i got this much number of audience, i cant get even 10000 People reach, They may tell several stories but it is hard to digest, so if you think you need to think of some alternatives, think about TSU


1) They will calculate the payment according to the Page views and 10% of the Revenu goes to the TSU

2) Rest 90% of the Revenue Goes to the users who  more share their content and have more followers

3) Even you get Some amount by referrals too, which will be an Bonus

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1) Please Don' Wait, Just Click here to Sign up Now and Join the biggest Social Revolution

2) After signing up, just check the SPAM folder in your Inbox, most of the users are getting the TSU verification in SPAM Folder in Gmail


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