How to Earn Money by Reading Emails

Have you ever think about earning money from reading mails, yes it is possible. The internet is full of opportunities since it is an platform for people who want to learn and gather information, it must be crowded with related advertisements, so what everyone needs to cash the opportunity when it is available, the same time it helps to reach targeted people

Email Marketing is viral now a days, everyone had their own subscription boxes on their blogs, since the usage of mails is growing faster everyone is using their emails as primary contact for them, when you need to know the success of Email marketing, think of Some Job related websites, they will be flooded with loads of email subscription

There are lot of companies that provide amount for reading the emails send by them, but some are fake, since i listed top 5 websites that will payout the money and helps to boost your monthly income, you can sit for one hour in your free time and read the emails, cash will be added to your account subsequently.

Top 5 Websites that pay you for Reading Email


  • It is best website which do not ask any investment before joining, they will pay the money for your Hardwork
  • They will Give the Signup Bonus of Rs 99 in your account
  • They Provide the Referral bonus too, for first 10 you get Rs 10 in your account
  • After the 10 Referrals each referral will pay you Rs 2
  • You can get around 0.25 to 5 Rs for reading mails, it varies by your account type and the type of mail you had received in your inbox
  • Payment cycle is 15 days, they send money through Cheque and Minimum payout is 500 Rs
  • This website had too good reputation , just need to signup with them and confirm their email in your inbox, then read their emails, answer their surveys and earn some cash
  • They pay $1.00 For every mail you had read, if you are inactive for 6 months your account will be removed by them
  • Payment method is paypal and you must have $30 to request an payment
  • It is an International Program that gives you money for reading the mails delivered by them and Claiming the offers availed by them
  • Membership is free and offers are free too which will eventually increase your earnings
  • The Payment is by Paypal, there is no Threshold limit, but if you need payment by Check the minimum amount should be $5 in your account
  • It is best website which gives money for clicking on the Advertiser ads , reading emails and participating in offers proposed by them
  • Presently they are offering this opportunity to USA, UK and Australian people only
  • You get instant signup bonus of $5 in your account
  • You can earn 2 to 5 cents for reading emails and earn more money by referring the Friends which was 2 cents for every referral you will get for them
  • Their payment will be processed on 1st day of every month, they will sent by cheque to people who are eligible for payment after 15th of the same month
  • The same goes to this website too, you can get enough money by reading their emails and claiming offers by them
  • You can also play games and write some quality articles, you can get $25 per hour if you work hard enough
So this is the best ways to earn money by reading mails , hope you execute this well and earn some quick cash for your account


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