Top 5 Download Managers for Mac

There are lot of days we had think that we can resume the download which was failed at 99%, it can be resumed when you use an Download manager .Normally we would use the browser for downloads as ages gone, speeds have been increased a lot, years back the downloads are slower, we hope that connection would not stop, power should not goes off

Download Managers would help you to solve lot of problems
  • It would Pause the download and you can resume it whenever you want to
  • It would Schedule the Download , it is used when speed was varied , generally in night times internet service providers would increase the speed to double, we can schedule the download and sleep without sitting in computer at night times
  • It would Accelerate the download speeds unlike normal browsers
  • You can manage the downloads in download manager
Top 5 Download Managers for Mac

1) Leech
  • It is best and light weight download manager for Mac Operating system
  • It can easily integrate with all browsers 
  • It pauses, resume downloads whenever you need with single click
  • It accelerate the speed of downloads using segment Downloading
  • You can Shut down the computer after download was completed
  • It also has feature of auto redial feature which enable downloads which was broken when internet was disconnected
3) Folx
  • It is the best Download Manager with cool interface
  • Folx will catch the downloads whenever you click on download files in browsers, no need to enter the url in Folx address bar
  • It is best download manager with full features like error recovery and Resume Support
  • This is most advanced and easy user interface download manager with more features added
  • This is light weight , despite not having more features may let this down
  • Browser integration works well in chrome and firefox
  • It also had shutdown, schedule and download resume option


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