Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

We already know about the Domain Registration and Hosting for the Websites, hosting needs to be good and big for consumers who have large users in the internet for them, normal hosting plans wont work at all, we need to upgrade to Dedicated Hosting Service

I had given list of some Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services 

1) Rackspace

  • Rackspace is one of the leading managed dedicated hosting service providers in world
  • They Provides upto 256 GB RAM
  • They have CISCO firewalls 
  • 1 Hour Hardware Repair Guarantee
  • Storage upto 1920 TB
  • Dedicated Support team
  • 24 Hours Customer Care Facility 
2) Hostway
  • They consists only Elite Hardware and no Second rated Hardware
  • Free 2000GB bandwidth/month/server
  • Full access to managed firewalls, backups and Load Balancing
  • Day to Day Server tasks also included
  • It Provides 5 tier security protection with dedicated firewalls
  • Daily Backup with offsite Storage
  • Configuration management and their assistance
  • A Personal team of engineers who care about your downtime
  • They give upto 1TB of Storage for all your Files
  • They have Raid storage , it means two hard disks were placed to store the data, even one dies the other would holds the data
  • You had given full root access to their dedicated servers
  • They give Unlimited Bandwidth and 100% uptime guarantee
  • They have 24/7 chat support for their customers

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  1. DreamHost is ultimately the best web-hosting company with plans for all of your hosting needs.


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