Top and Best Business Credit Cards

Before going to the original subject of Zero Interest Credit Cards, you must know about the pros and cons of Credit Cards, how do we get that, can we enjoy the credit card without any troubles for long time

What is Credit Card ?

  • Credit card was a type of loan which should be settled down in Smaller amounts with Interest, in simple we need to buy now and pay later.
  • They Would go through your Credit History of the bank account, else they would give if you possess an Fixed Deposit which meets their Criteria of Credit Card issue
  • More often they set a Credit Limit depending upon the customer credit score

Pros Of Credit Card
  • You need not to worry about higher price products, purchase them and repay the bank with smaller amounts with minimal interest
  • Credit cards mostly use 16% interest, it varies but for limited period they offer 0% Interest
  • They would certainly give more offers, Cashback, and Reward points which you can redeem again for cash
Cons of Credit Card
  • If you failed to pay their Interest, it would certainly increase your Debt Rate and you will need to pay more than what you need to
  • Even though they had option of withdrawing cash, never do it, it increases the Interest rates to more which we would regret for that
  • If you exceed the Credit Limit, they would impose an Penalty Charge on you
Top and Best Business Credit Cards

  • Citibank offers you instant access to account statements online
  • Secured Transactions with Verified by Visa additional layer protection
  • Easy access to local currency when you are in trip on other countries

  • If your Card is lost ,they would replace within two days
  •  They are Providing 24 hours assistance
  • They too had good Reward programs in Travel, shopping and dining 

  •  They send their Statements directly to E-Mail rather than postal, it saves the time
  • They provide enhanced security against Counterfeiting and Skimming
  • They make better management of Expenses by Single Payment for all employees


Top and Best Divorce Lawyers in India

Divorce was the legal termination of one's marriage , there by giving them the freedom to choose another. In those days people were not bold enough to get separated even they have more misunderstandings and unhappy relationship, now culture and traditions had changed, they are trying to live their life happily with whom they need to

People have right to choose their partner, sometimes the marriages which happens to be sweet becomes sour due to their opinions in differences, they tends to separate, as marriage are expensive enough not so marriages are, there is only fastest way to get divorce.

Divorce by Mutual Consent is easiest way to get divorce. as per law there are certain requirements to be met for applying mutual consent divorce in India

  • Duration of Obtaining Mutual Consent Divorce is 6 Months, it can vary 
  • If you have children , partners need to discuss and decide on who to take care of them
  • They need to discuss about their financial settlement
  • If everything is good, you can apply for Divorce 
I listed top 5 Lawyers in India who are well known for Divorce 


  • They are specialist in Family Law and Divorce Law
  • They have experience of more than 12 Years
  • Their area of practice includes real estate, criminal law and list goes on 
  • They are specialist in Divorce cases 
  • They have Experience of more than 20 years
  • They are well known for their Prompt and Precise services
  • They are best in Kolkata with high Expertise and Cost effective Lawyer Club
  • They had team of Professionals who would solve the case in Days rather than years
  • They practiced in the major courts like Supreme, High court and in District Court also
  • They solve problems arised from all disputes like General corporate issues, Real estate and tax
  • They too practiced in major courts, their service was clean and neat
  • They are specialist in Property, Real Estate and Consumer Laws
The List above was just pick up of my hand from the lawyerslcub and legalserviceindia members, there are lot of people who would do your work if you do not satisfy with the above, just go through the links given below for more lawyers

I hope you would get the lawyer whom you want, but in the conclusion i need to say one thing, Think thousand times before you lose the spouse, as it would affect your Relationship health in society badly, choose the life wisely.


Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services

We already know about the Domain Registration and Hosting for the Websites, hosting needs to be good and big for consumers who have large users in the internet for them, normal hosting plans wont work at all, we need to upgrade to Dedicated Hosting Service

I had given list of some Best Managed Dedicated Hosting Services 

1) Rackspace

  • Rackspace is one of the leading managed dedicated hosting service providers in world
  • They Provides upto 256 GB RAM
  • They have CISCO firewalls 
  • 1 Hour Hardware Repair Guarantee
  • Storage upto 1920 TB
  • Dedicated Support team
  • 24 Hours Customer Care Facility 
2) Hostway
  • They consists only Elite Hardware and no Second rated Hardware
  • Free 2000GB bandwidth/month/server
  • Full access to managed firewalls, backups and Load Balancing
  • Day to Day Server tasks also included
  • It Provides 5 tier security protection with dedicated firewalls
  • Daily Backup with offsite Storage
  • Configuration management and their assistance
  • A Personal team of engineers who care about your downtime
  • They give upto 1TB of Storage for all your Files
  • They have Raid storage , it means two hard disks were placed to store the data, even one dies the other would holds the data
  • You had given full root access to their dedicated servers
  • They give Unlimited Bandwidth and 100% uptime guarantee
  • They have 24/7 chat support for their customers

How to apply for Car Loans in ICICI SBI Axis HDFC Bank

Car Loan is personal loan that allows the buyer to pay the full amount into installments which in return they would get slighter high amounts by charging interest on you.

There are two types of loans, either secure or insecure. Secure loans would take your properties or work salary as security , if you failed to pay installments they would seize the car, unsecure loans would not ask more security but they need high credit score and high interest too

Before opting for car loans, first know your expenses and income, also calculate the vehicle expenses such as registration, buy the car with higher down payment there by you can reduce the interest and monthly payment together

  • You can apply for Car loan in HDFC by Sending SMS CAR to 5676766
  • Click the application form here to apply online [ Application form ]
  • You can go to their nearest branches and fill the car loan form [ Branches list ]
  • It have good Interest of 0.45% of Base Price
  • It has less EMI of Rs 1676/- per month and 7 years of perios to complete it
  • For apply the Car loan in SBI click her [ Application Form ]
  • Axis car loans starts from 1 lakh onwards their tenures starts form 1 to 7 years
  • You can get eDGE reward points for every EMI you pay
  • You can get the Eligibilty criteria list for Car Loan  [ Car loan Eligibility ]
  • Download the Car Loan application from their website by Clicking here [ Axis loan form ]
  • HDFC have Stable EMI Repayments , no fluctuations due to Market price changes
  • They do not need income document scheme and loans disbursal in 2 years
  • You can now apply for Car Loan in HDFC by Clicking here [ HDFC Bank form ]

Best Auto Insurance Companies in India 2015

Auto Insurance is insurance that can be used when your vehicle was damaged in accident or theft, the insurance company would get some amount from you for months and if you are in losses as per their conditions like loss of vehicle or accident, they would give the money

Why you need Auto Insurance

It saves you from sudden theft or accident losses, but remember the insurance could not be claimed for following reasons

  • Loss of Engine
  • Accidents to the car when the policy is outdated
  • If driver was failed to follow guidelines of Car

There are three types of Insurance given to the people in India

1) Private insurance
2) Commercial Insurance
3) Two wheeler Insurance

By clearing the confusion regaridng types, we now read about the Best Auto insurance companies in India

1) Bajaj Allianz
  • It is one of the good choice for people who do car insurance
  • They are serving more number of customers today
  • They had benefits like free service for your vehicle across India from their 1500 garages
  • Additional Coverage upto 1 Lakh for vehicle Owner in accidents

2) The New India Assurance Co Pvt Ltd
  • It is fully governed by the Government of India
  • It responds so quickly to the applications, they would complete the claim request within a week
  • Surveyor would be appointed within 48 hours of application
3) HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co Pvt Ltd
  • It is World Class company when providing insurance to their users
  • No hurdles of endless Submission of Documents
  • Dedicated Customer Support team, if you have any queries you can contact them
4) Tata AIG General Insurance Co Ltd
  • This is best company when comes to Car insurance, they also got Best premium service Company award in 2012
  • They covers 6 month accident-repair warranty
  • They settle the claim in 5 days
  • Additional coverage regarding age and profession
5) ICICI Lombard General Insurance Pvt Ltd
  • They are best of all, they provide cashless service to their customers by their 2800+ garages in India
  • Door Step surveyor for the customers
  • You can get Allowance daily when your Car is in Garage
  • They had Zero Depreciation cover


Top 5 Download Managers for Mac

There are lot of days we had think that we can resume the download which was failed at 99%, it can be resumed when you use an Download manager .Normally we would use the browser for downloads as ages gone, speeds have been increased a lot, years back the downloads are slower, we hope that connection would not stop, power should not goes off

Download Managers would help you to solve lot of problems
  • It would Pause the download and you can resume it whenever you want to
  • It would Schedule the Download , it is used when speed was varied , generally in night times internet service providers would increase the speed to double, we can schedule the download and sleep without sitting in computer at night times
  • It would Accelerate the download speeds unlike normal browsers
  • You can manage the downloads in download manager
Top 5 Download Managers for Mac

1) Leech
  • It is best and light weight download manager for Mac Operating system
  • It can easily integrate with all browsers 
  • It pauses, resume downloads whenever you need with single click
  • It accelerate the speed of downloads using segment Downloading
  • You can Shut down the computer after download was completed
  • It also has feature of auto redial feature which enable downloads which was broken when internet was disconnected
3) Folx
  • It is the best Download Manager with cool interface
  • Folx will catch the downloads whenever you click on download files in browsers, no need to enter the url in Folx address bar
  • It is best download manager with full features like error recovery and Resume Support
  • This is most advanced and easy user interface download manager with more features added
  • This is light weight , despite not having more features may let this down
  • Browser integration works well in chrome and firefox
  • It also had shutdown, schedule and download resume option


5 Natural Ways to Whiten your Yellow Teeth

People often fell with looks and smile, people with yellow teeth feel ashamed to talk since it affects their confidence and personality, there are simple methods to whiten the teeth, it not only restores the color of the teeth your confidence too

Artificial methods like laser bleaching, bleaching strips are used widely but natural remedies too work effectively, do not over do since it may affect teeth health. The most reasons for discoloration are Smoking, drinking tea, Improper Brushing

5 Natural Ways to Whiten your Yellow Teeth

1) Turmeric

Things to Need :

  • Turmeric 2 pieces
  • Salt
  • Lime Juice
Directions :
  • Take Some turmeric and Roast them well
  • Crush them well and make it as a Powder
  • Add Lime juice and Salt to the Powder
  • Use them as a Paste, it makes Gums Healthier too
2) Banana Peel

Things to Need :
  • Bananas
Directions :
  • Banana peel Possess Minerals and Magnesium which penetrates into the teeth and whiten them
  • Rub the Banana Peel for 3 Minutes  and  Leave it for 10 Minutes
  • Now Brush your Teeth with Normal Paste
  • Repeat the Procedure for three to four weeks
3) Salt

Things to Need :
  • Salt
Directions :
  • Add some salt with baking Soda and rub it carefully on your teeth
  • It will reduce yellow stains and make your teeth whiter
  • Salt may affect the Gums, do not rub harder on teeth
4) Margosa ( Neem )

Things to Need :
  • Margosa Twigs
Directions :
  • Chew Margosa Twigs Branches for 10-15 minutes to reduce the yellow stains and regain the color of the teeth
  • It has Antiseptic properties which also helps to maintain good teeth health
5) Lemon

Things to Need :
  • Lemon Juice
  • Salt
Directions :
  • Take Few Drops of Lemon juice and add some Salt into it
  • Make them as a Mixture and Rub into the Teeth and Leave them for Few Minutes
  • After some time Rinse the Teeth With Normal water
  • Practice them Daily and get better results
I hope these remedies would help you to get whiter teeth and if any of them know some other methods, please feel free to comment 


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