How to Create a Blog - Free step by step procedure

Blog is one of the free web service to you from the biggest internet giants. There is a lot of necessity for creating a blog, for sharing the thoughts, giving some useful information, and to express your ideas too. The blog is virtually an website type, it lacks in certain areas like bandwidth limitation, less storage, and   no own domain name.

How to Create a blog

yes, the blog will get their respective name in front of the page title ( e.g ) , here the blogspot is the name added before the .com. It means you are hosting in the Blogger Platform. So let us come to the creating a blog, it is so simple, i will guide you with simple steps

  •  Create an Blog using Blogger

Blogger is one of the service that helps you to create your own blog, you just need your Gmail account to sign up for the blogger services

1) Go to the Blogger and sign in with your gmail account
2) Next step, you will get the image given below, where way2usefulinfo is an created blog, when you want a new blog, go to the New Blog

3) Then we get the window given below, fill the details of the blog name and the address for your blog.Select a good template that suits your blog needs,After finishing the details click the Create a Blog option.
First post in blogger
4) Now we will get the posting window, start the posting by writing your favorite articles and get your blog in good touch

  • Create an Blog using wordpress
1) Wordpress is an excellent platform for your blogging skills, it let you share your ideas with the lot of innovation, as it had so many unique features

2) First Install the wordpress, click here to install it 

3) Now come to the point on how to create an blog by wordpress, just go to this link 

4) This link goes to the wordpress login page, enter your details which you have chosen in the Installation process, then you will the administrator area.

Create a blog by wordpress



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